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Help your employees regain and/or preserve their mental health

People can find support within an EAP for work-related problems (such as burn-out, conflict, changes, crisis interventions, work-life balance ...) and personal problems (such as divorce, depression, lack of self-confidence ...).
The aim of this psychological counselling is to help people solve or handle these challenges.
As a spin-off of the Catholic University of Leuven, Pulso bases all of its activities and services on well-founded scientific principles and programmes, such as cognitive behavioural therapy, mindfulness and ACT, solution-focused coaching and positive psychology
The psychological counselling that is offered, can be tailored to be fully complementary to the internal and external offerings of your organisation.
Moreover, Pulso strives for a close cooperation with your internal and external psychosocial actors.

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How to prevent or cope with high stress and burn-out?

The number of people suffering from stress and burnout is spiralling. Perhaps, you have experienced it in your organisation as well.
To support your employees in these challenges and especially to prevent it from affecting their functioning, Pulso offers several targeted programmes to prevent stress and burn-out and to cope with it.  These include:



Fit-For-Life coaching helps your employees find answers to their specific challenges in an instructive and personalised way, through a structured and individual mini training course by a certified coach. It is recommended as a preventive tool, at the beginning of a period of stress or a burn-out, when stress signals are not yet too alarming and stressors are quite clear-cut.
The sessions cover both a psycho-educational purpose as well as an individual follow-up of the employee, whenever a risk of developing stress or burn-out symptoms is at the horizon or could be one day. By use of a combination of theory and exercises, the coach will guide the employee towards (self) awareness and behavioural change.

This type of coaching can also be organised in group format.



Blended coaching refers to counselling sessions supported by online tools. Pulso integrates its online tools, Happy Care and Re-Boost®, in different ways to obtain a more sustainable effect of the stress and burn-out coaching.
The aim of these programmes is to support employees and prevent them from dropping out.



We propose a step-by-step care and blended approach, allowing the employees to screen themselves and work in intervision groups. They can work on themes within the framework of well-being at work and can choose the option to enrol on in-depth individual coaching sessions.

The intervision sessions and individual coachings take place online, by telephone or live.



In the event of burn-out or risk of burn-out, Pulso can deliver a tailor-made offer with a specific approach.  Based on an in-depth intake interview with one of our specialised case managers, the employees can follow a series of specialised sessions on various topics: sleep hygiene, relaxation, nutrition, physical activity, career guidance or other.
All along the trajectory, A continuous coordination by a case manager is provided to ensure the necessary exchanges within this multidisciplinary team.

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