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In today’s fast changing society, with challenges abound, both work-related and personal, implementing a psychosocial safety net for your employees is just plain common sense.
An Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) is a fast, discrete and solution-oriented service that Pulso tailors to your organisation.

An EAP has become an essential component of any ambitious organisation. Valid research conducted by Pulso and other major international EAP consulting groups has confirmed what we already knew from experience: this one add-on to your employee’s benefits can have a huge impact on your employees and their well-being, and thus the well-being of your organisation.

Whether you opt for qualitative, short-term support with immediate help (24/7), or rather more in-depth counselling through a professional off- and online case management, Pulso adapts its EAP service to your needs.


Would you like to see first-hand what the return on investment would be for your organisation when choosing to implement Pulso’s EAP services? 
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Central to an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) is the confidential expert information, advice and 24/7 guidance (through counselling and online tools) that is offered for all kinds of individual questions and difficulties employees (and by extension their family members) may have, that can affect their functioning in the organisation.

An EAP offers standard psychosocial support for challenges at work such as stress, workload, burn-out, reorganisations, crisis situations,... and private ones like divorce, lack of self-confidence, fears, family conflicts, traumas..., This standard support can be extended to other types of services, such as legal and financial support, management coaching, health coaching, … 

When facing a restructuring, dismissal and/or crisis situation, it is also possible to opt for a temporary EAP, so that 24/7 support is guaranteed. 

By default, Pulso's EAP includes well-being consultancy tailored to your organisation through awareness initiatives, detection capabilities and support to preventive policies. We believe in the power of a strong partnership with your organisation to pursue an integrated approach to well-being.
Pulso provides easy access through various, low-threshold online and offline channels. E-mental health tools are combined with blended forms of counselling. We make use of scientifically supported methodologies and a fast service.

Pulso’s EAP offering is based on ISO 9001 standards and aligned with GDPR guidelines.

The characteristics of Pulso’s Employee Assistance Programme that customers appreciate most are:

-    Flexible and customised programme  
-    Integrated mindset
-    Fast service
-    Transparency
-    Evidence-based approach and focus on behavioural change
-    Over thirty years of experience

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At Pulso, we believe that there’s no such thing as one size fits all when it comes to employee well-being. This is why we continue to create service based on your needs as an organisation, taking into account your field of expertise, your cultural needs and values and your vision for your organisation. In between your know-how on who you are as a business and what you need for it to thrive, and our level of experience and expertise to create an EAP service fully in line with your DNA , we know we will be able to come to a successful, tailor made solution!

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