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Suitable methods for reintegration after prolonged absence can help reduce absenteeism loss.

The chance of a sustainable reintegration increases when there is a hands-on and constructive consultation between the employee and the organisation.

That's why Pulso aims to support disengaged employees using an activating coaching trajectory. Its goal is to help the employee, the team and the organisation in finding a new balance. In our standard programme, the reintegration coach will coordinate and facilitate the reintegration process and support and empower the individual, without losing sight of the work situation and the employer's involvement.
Pulso has developed a proven reintegration programme to optimize the reintegration process.
The standard approach can be supplemented by other supporting multidisciplinary modules.
Pulso's reintegration programme features the following distinctive characteristics:
-    Speed and efficiency - No waiting lists and short lead times in order to get a grip on each employee and a solution-oriented approach in order to find the right balance.

-    Quality guarantee and control of the process and treatment - Evidence-based methodology is applied by certified therapists. Process flow is based on ISO 9001 standards.
-    Customised - A personalised approach that is tailored to the specific situation, other partners and wishes, and  allows for multidisciplinary counselling.

-    Local framework - Pulso has several certified reintegration coaches per province to ensure that help is always available, quickly and nearby.

-    Blended - Online assessment tools are integrated to ensure an efficient and sustainable guidance. Guidance starts standard with a psychosocial risk analysis.

-    Driven by an inclusive mindset - Our motivation is based on an inclusive mindset in which we take a multi-party approach: we consider the individual, team and organisation. We also attach importance to cooperation with other internal and external actors such as the occupational physician.

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