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International EAP through Pulso? Yes we can !

Pulso provides an international solution to all organisations with multilingual and global representation.
With digital solutions as well as local, classic EAP formats, Pulso has the required intelligence and know-how available to support your international needs.



Pulso has built a professional EAP platform to meet today’s requirements and needs in the field of EAP services.  Through the APPA platform, employees (and, if desired, their resident family members), receive quick and discreet advice and guidance from our specialist counsellors. The process is approachable, user-friendly and reliable. This tool allows for employees to directly choose a counsellor or expert and book a session in the interactive agenda, and have a secured video-based session, all within the platform.

APPA is an international tool deployed in a landscape of European clients whose staff are based in different countries.

Through our joint ventures and strong partnerships, Pulso is able to provide an Employee Assistance Programme worldwide via local case management and dedicated account management. Pulso strives for an integrated approach for your international company, with global and local focus. The programme will be embedded in the local well-being policy and adapted to the local legislation.

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