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Enhance your continuous listening strategy with the WOD®, our easy-to-use, reliable survey tool. Leverage the insightful results as a starting point for your employees’ well-being and engagement action plan.

Our Well-being and Organisational Dynamics (WOD®) tool is the ideal tool for your employee surveys: a recognised, scientifically validated questionnaire combined with an interactive and visually appealing reporting dashboard.
The WOD® tool maps psychosocial key indicators (engagement, organisational commitment, stress, burnout…), as well as relevant work characteristics and personal resources.
The WOD® is accompanied by an interactive and visually attractive reporting dashboard in which your survey results with the strengths and priorities of your company and teams are presented as well as reference points for actions. As these results are immediately available after the closure of the survey, you readily know which topics to prioritise when making improvements.
In addition to these company and team reports, we provide also an individual feedback report for your employees, with personal results, advice, tips and tricks for each participant in the survey, hereby empowering your employees.
The experienced consultants of Pulso support you, both in drawing up the action plan and in implementing and evaluating the actions.
Powerful and adaptable
The WOD® tool is a powerful tool to capture and to understand the complexity of your organisational dynamics.
It is possible to adapt the WOD® questionnaire and expand it with additional questions or WOD® Modules.
Dynamic and interactive
With the WOD® tool you immediately receive results for your organisation and for all your subgroups, clearly presented in a dynamic and interactive dashboard. In this way you can quickly respond to what is going on in your organisation and to the needs of your employees. You can further analyse, interpret and test the results against your hypotheses.
Robust benchmark
You can compare the results of your organisation and of your subgroups with a robust external benchmark.
In addition, you can also compare your different subgroups with each other (internal benchmark) and you can closely follow the evolution over time.
Anonymous and confidential
As an external and neutral partner, Pulso guarantees confidential treatment of the data and results of your employees. A necessary condition for participants to complete the questionnaire in fairness.
Access to the online dashboard is also secured.
Pulso maintains high standards for Personal Data Protection.
The WOD® tool is available in several languages and is supported by an extensive international network of partners.
Different versions of the WOD®
Our WOD® tool is available in several versions, one of which is bound to meet the needs of your company:


The WOD® Premium is the tool’s “full version”. It taps into both positive and negative well-being indicators: engagement, organisational commitment, stress, burnout, absenteeism ….
In addition, it charts the full range of possible drivers:
-    work factors influencing psychosocial well-being at the various levels of the work situation (task, team, management, organisation)
-    personal resources at the individual level (e.g., resilience, optimism, self-efficacy, change capacity).

The WOD® Premium’s questionnaire consists of 100 questions, requiring only about 15 minutes to fill in.
The WOD® Premium provides you with a balanced and in-depth analysis of your organisation’s dynamics, allowing you to simultaneously launch several initiatives, and to allocate your investments more efficiently. It fits especially well into an integrated approach.

Want to know more? See also all-in measurement.



The WOD® PSRA is specifically conceived for a Psychosocial Risk Analysis. It measures the well-being indicators which are emphasised in the European legislation: stress, burnout, undesirable behaviours at the workplace (mobbing, harassment), and absenteeism. On top of these, it includes all the drivers from WOD® Premium.
The WOD® PSRA allows you to comply with your legal obligations as an employer, and to tackle stress and other psychosocial issues at the workplace.

Want to know more? See also Psychosocial Risk Analysis.


The WOD®Positive focuses on ‘positive’ well-being indicators: work engagement, organisational commitment, job satisfaction, loyalty and ambassadorship. Additionally, it includes all the drivers from WOD® Premium.
The WOD®Positive can be used for engagement and job satisfaction surveys as well as for employer branding surveys. It is particularly suitable for an appreciative and empowering approach, which aims at leveraging well-being.

Want to know more? See also engagement survey.


The WOD®Quick Scan consists of a well-considered selection of 20 questions of the WOD® Premium. It only takes 5 minutes to fill in the questionnaire, yet all well-being indicators and driver groups (work dimensions) are represented. This allows you to very quickly measure the psychosocial temperature at any given time.
The WOD®Quick scan can serve as a stepping stone towards a more elaborate analysis by means of the WOD®PSRA, the WOD®Positive or WOD®Premium. It can also be the starting point for the implementation of a pulse survey with the WOD®Barometer.

Want to know more? See also quick scan.


The WOD®Barometer is a pulse survey, taken repeatedly throughout the year - e.g., every quarter. The regular measurements allow you to evaluate your actions plan in a more continuous way at interim moments in time.

Want to know more? See also pulse survey.


For in-depth analyses of specific themes, Pulso also provides short questionnaires (modules) with additional items, on various topics. In the list below you can find an overview of specific ‘theme questionnaires’ Pulso has developed:
•    Telework
•    Digitalisation & disconnection
•    Ergonomics of computer work
•    Management style
•    Remote management
•    Organisational change
•    Safety at work
•    Lifestyle
•    Alcohol & Drugs
•    Engagement
•    Undesirable behaviour at work
•    Absenteeism
•    Age-conscious policy
•    Ergonomics – physical aspects of the workplace
•    Individual resources
Pulso can also develop new questionnaires on specific themes in co-creation with your project managers.

Want to know more? See also fully tailored WOD® and fully tailored research.


In addition to our standardised WOD® questionnaires and dashboards, we can also develop surveys, quick scans and barometers fully tailored to your organisation.
The powerful WOD® tool also allows to integrate your own data and provides you with high-quality visualisations and high-detailed results immediately after the closure of the survey.

Want to know more? See also fully tailored research.



Want to find out more about the WOD®?


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