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After-care for employees and management in times of crisis

Incidents such as a work accident, suicide or the sudden death of a colleague can instigate strong emotions. Equally, restructuring on the workplace, a company fire, robbery or attack can have a big impact on employees.
Many organisations have elaborate crisis or disaster plans, but suitable after-care for employees is often found missing from such plans. Unfortunately so, because when no suitable after-care is provided, unprocessed emotions can severely affect the employee's performance, for example due to post-traumatic stress syndrome. Such psychosocial damage following shocking events can be prevented, when you take the right measures.
When a shocking event occurs, Pulso's trauma experts intervene quickly to provide support to the employees affected by the event and help them return to work, under the motto "Let's prevent the disaster following the disaster"
Pulso offers the following interventions:


  • Telephone assistance, 24/7 (including proactive support to victims)
  • Onsite support within 24 hours (individual and group) by a team of crisis management experts
  • Follow-up support (individual and group) on site, by phone or online
  • Individual trauma support by means of our EAP programme

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