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With a healthy body comes a healthy mind

Studies and experience have taught us: healthy habits in terms of physical activity, nutrition and sleep significantly contribute to the prevention of psychological disorders, such as stress, depression and burnout. Therefore, it makes perfect business sense that organisations invest in programmes to promote a healthy lifestyle, knowing they will reap the benefits in several forms: less absenteeism, fewer burnouts and a better working environment altogether.  
Pulso offers the possibility of embedding health coaching within the EAP service, e.g. nutrition coaching, physical activities, sleep counselling.



Nutrition coaching aims to help the employees adopt healthy eating habits and a healthy lifestyle. For this service, Pulso makes use of qualified nutritionists and/or dieticians.

A healthy lifestyle requires sufficient physical activity. However, many people have difficulty integrating this into their daily lives. As a part of the EAP offering, Pulso provides the possibility of individual coaching with a recognised personal coach.

Nothing beats waking up fresh and fit after a good night's sleep. Yet, about 10% of the population regularly complain of having a bad night’s sleep. This has an impact on employees’ performance and concentration throughout the day. Pulso therefore provides support in the form of a certified sleep coach.

Are you triggered to boost your employee's physical health? Get in touch with us to discuss the best option for your organisation.



More and more employees are stricken with a chronic disease or other serious afflictions. These not only affect the employees physically, they also have a deep emotional and mental impact. Employees who are faced with a severe medical diagnosis and/or treatment might need reassurance or validation of the received diagnosis. That is why we also offer Ask doctor and a Second Opinion Service in our EAP. Not only will the employee obtain a factual Second Opinion, it also opens the door to counselling and support in these difficult times.

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