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Your organisation can become and stay a healthy and dynamic organisation, based on the strategy and values of your company.


Public demand for workable work is growing. Entrepreneurs, too, are increasingly paying attention to the resilience and well-being of their employees for economic reasons. Thus, a general awareness is emerging of the importance of well-being within operational management. Resilient employees are indeed a prerequisite for a strong, flexible and effective organisation.

But how can you make your work actually workable? Where do you begin? What is a well-being policy? What aspects do you focus on? How can you build on what is already present? How can you ensure that well-being does not become an isolated or one-off theme, but is kept alive within your organisation? How do you embed well-being in all levels of your organisation?

Pulso can guide you through one, more or all phases in the development of a strategic and integrated well-being policy, and align this well-being policy to your business strategy, by:

-    Deploying the appropriate tools to analyse, together with you, the current strengths and weaknesses in well-being of your organisation.
-    Working out a sound proposal to develop concrete policies, action plans and programmes.
-    Getting to work as soon as you give the go-ahead.
-    Ensuring that the proposals are sustainably implemented and integrated into your company.

If desired, measurements can be built in and be repeated. For in the end, each policy is judged on its efficiency. That’s why Pulso not only assists in putting together the business case, but also in measuring the effectiveness of your actions and demonstrating the ROI of your policy.

An integrated, strategically aligned and well-implemented well-being policy strengthens your organisation, and has a positive ROI. It makes your employees resilient, thereby increasing the flexibility and effectiveness of your organisation.

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Next to individual reintegration guidance, Pulso can also offer support on an organisational level in preventing and tackling absenteeism and in accelerating and strengthening reintegration, always working in a process-oriented way.

Initiatives to prevent absenteeism and to strengthen the integration process include:

-    Stimulating an inclusive organisational culture
-    Process-oriented approach of absenteeism involving your managers (absenteeism analysis, action plan, drawing up procedures, roles and confidentialities, follow-up)
-    Creating a process flow after sick leave
-    Creating an absenteeism toolkit
-    Screening and training of disability case managers
-    Training managers about absenteeism and reintegration policy or absenteeism and reintegration interviews
-    Conducting absenteeism talks
-    Implementing an Employee Assistance Programme
-    Implementing Pulso’s Reintegration Programme
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Prevention is always better than cure. Unfortunately, critical incidents (accident, sudden death, suicide, aggressive situations ...) cannot always be prevented, even if the organisation does everything in its power to minimise the risks. But before a shocking incident occurs, a lot of preventive work can be done.
Pulso can help you with the following initiatives:

-    Analysis of the safety and crisis policy (how do we prevent shocking events? What exactly do you do when an incident occurs? Who? What? When? How?) and drawing up an action plan (including analysis of available data)
-    Composition, screening and training of an internal crisis team
-    Sensitising and training employees (potential victims) to be more resilient in dealing with shocking events
-    Raising awareness, training and supervising the supervisors, confidential counsellors, HR, … in order to deal with victims

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