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With the WOD® Premium, Pulso helps you to perform a balanced and in-depth analysis of your organisation’s dynamics, allowing you to pursue several company objectives at the same time while allocating your investments more efficiently.

Our WOD® Premium tool fits especially well into an integrating approach. It taps into both positive and negative well-being indicators (work engagement, organisational commitment, job satisfaction, loyalty, ambassadorship, but also stress, burnout, undesirable behaviour, and absenteeism). In addition, it charts the full range of possible drivers influencing well-being:  work factors at task, team, management and organisational level, and personal factors at individual level (e.g., resilience, optimism, self-efficacy, change capacity). With the WOD® Premium you have an all-in measurement tool, which combines the elements of the WOD® PSRA (‘Psychosocial Risk Analysis’) and the WOD® Positive.

With the online dashboard of the WOD® Premium, you get a complete view of your employees’ stress level, risk of burnout, absenteeism level and undesirable behaviour as well as on their engagement, loyalty and ambassadorship. Additionally, you get insight into these work aspects that your employees value the most, and which of them are most important for their total well-being. We offer you a unique tool that gives you a clear insight into your strong points and priorities, which allows you and your managers to take appropriate actions. The WOD® Premium dashboard allows you to follow-up your employees’ Key Performance Indicators and to use this information as input for your Integrated Well-being Policy.  
The experienced Pulso consultants guide and support you through the whole process of your project, from A to Z, and define - together with you - the most appropriate actions to improve the well-being of your employees. In addition, you can also use these insights to attract new talent for your organisation. Pulso can also support you in implementing these actions and evaluating them.

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