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The WOD® Quick scan allows you to measure the psychosocial temperature in your organisation or in a specific team very quickly.

Our WOD® Quick scan consists of a well-thought and psychometrically supported selection of 20 questions from the WOD® Premium. It’s a short questionnaire that takes only a few minutes to fill in.

The WOD® Quick scan gives you a quick overview of the most important well-being indicators of your employees, positive indicators as well as negative. It gives you also insight in the most important factors in the work situation that influence the well-being of your employees.

If you want your own fully tailored Quick scan, this is also possible. Pulso will guide you in defining the model and the questions. Also have a look at our fully tailored approach.
The WOD® Quick scan can serve as a stepping stone to perform a more elaborate analysis with the WOD® Premium, or can be the starting point for the implementation of a pulse survey with the WOD® Barometer.
The results of the WOD® Quick scan are presented in an interactive and visually attractive reporting dashboard.
The experienced Pulso consultants guide and support you through the whole process of your project, from A to Z.

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