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Pulso supports your engagement, job satisfaction and employer branding survey with the WOD® Positive, a tool which is particularly suitable for an appreciative and empowering approach

Our WOD® Positive tool is specifically conceived for engagement and job satisfaction surveys as well as for employer branding surveys. It focuses on ‘positive’ well-being indicators: work engagement, organisational commitment, job satisfaction, loyalty, and net promotor score. Next to these, it measures important factors in the work situation - at task, team, management and organisation level -, which may influence these positive well-being indicators.
With the online dashboard of the WOD® Positive, you get a complete view of your employees’ engagement, their loyalty and ambassadorship, and you get insight into the work aspects that your employees value the most, and which of them are most important for their engagement, their loyalty and ambassadorship. This is very useful information that can help you retain your talent in your company. In addition, you can use this information to attract talented people for your open positions.
The experienced Pulso consultants guide and support you through the whole process of your project, from A to Z, and define - together with you - the most appropriate actions to increase the engagement, loyalty and ambassadorship of your employees or to attract new talent for your organisation. Pulso can also support you in implementing these actions and evaluating them.

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