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Pulso’s WOD® Barometer, can serve as a tool for your continuous listening strategy. It allows you to keep the finger on the pulse of your employees’ well-being and to follow up on your action plan more continuously .

The WOD® Barometer is a pulse survey, taken repeatedly throughout the year - e.g., every quarter. The regular measurements allow you to evaluate your action plan more continuously at regular intervals in time.
The WOD® Barometer is often combined with a yearly in-depth survey such as an annual engagement survey (WOD® Positive), an annual psycho-social risk analysis (WOD® PSRA), or an annual all-in survey (WOD® Premium). It allows you to evaluate your action plan and to quickly adjust your actions if necessary.

The questions of the WOD® Quick scan can serve as the basis for your pulse survey. If desired, it’s also possible to develop your own fully tailored pulse survey. Pulso will guide you in defining the model and the questions. Also have a look at our fully tailored approach.

The results of the WOD® Quick scan are presented in an interactive and visually attractive reporting dashboard.
The experienced Pulso consultants guide and support you through the whole process of your project, from A to Z.

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