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Measuring your organisations’ well-being is a worthwhile exercise if it is done with care. It is meant to be the foundation and starting point for your future endeavours to improve your employees’ well-being and the organisational dynamics therefore you should aim for the very best guidance and tools to help you along this trajectory.

With Pulso, you can count on professional guidance throughout the whole trajectory of your project: from the preparation and organisation of a survey or study to the drawing up and implementation of action plans.

Pulso’s team has the knowledge, the expertise and scientific background to help you with the most suitable tools and statistical methods to measure and analyse your psychosocial key indicators (engagement, organisational commitment, stress, burnout…), as well as work characteristics and personal resources associated with them.
The Well-being and Organisational Dynamics tool (WOD®) is our standard tool for your employee surveys. Read more about the WOD®.
For in depth analyses of specific themes, Pulso also has short questionnaires (modules) with additional items, on various topics.
The WOD™ is combined with an interactive and visually attractive reporting dashboard, in which your survey results with the strengths and priorities of your company and teams are presented as well as reference points for actions. As these results are immediately available after the closure of the survey, you readily know which topics to prioritise when making improvements.
In addition to these company and team reports, we also provide an individual feedback report for your employees, with personal results, advice, tips and tricks for each participant in the survey, hereby empowering your employees.
We conduct focus groups or interviews as a follow-up to a survey. They serve to explore the results in more depth, to gain a better understanding of the issues at hand and to gather ideas for improvements in a constructive manner. This method gives you access to suggestions and appreciative comments from your employees during this participatory process, and it increases employee involvement. Pulso can conduct focus groups or interviews with all of your employees or with representative samples of your organisation, in small organisations or larger ones, in specific teams or with a focus on specific topics.
Pulso’s team will guide your organisation in the translation of the main findings of the analysis into specific and effective actions. We will do this in close cooperation with all responsible parties in your organisation. Action plans need to be part of a sustainable and integrated well-being policy. Therefore, we ensure that proposed actions are aligned with the specific context of your organisation, your mission and your strategy, and that they address concerns expressed by your employees during the survey, focus groups or individual interviews. We help you decide on the timeframe for realising the actions and determine who will be responsible for what.
Pulso acts as your external partner in order to carefully address attention points, bottlenecks or problems that have been detected during the survey, and to facilitate the communication and creation process throughout your project.




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