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Pulso can provide you with fully-tailored studies within your organisation.

We develop a research model fully tailored to your organisation, and convert innovative ideas into a tool, a service or an advanced statistical analysis that you can use in practice.

We develop new questionnaires in co-creation with your project managers.

We execute advanced analyses on your large data files using the online dashboard of the WOD®. We can analyse the relationship between the psychosocial well-being of your employees and other KPIs of your organisation (performance, employee turnover, absenteeism, etc.). We can analyse the return on investment of actions related to well-being at work.
These studies can be performed at several levels: your organisation as a whole, in specific departments or for particular target groups within your organisation.
Pulso has experience with developing surveys and tools for specific target groups other than employees, such as students. For more information, see ‘Our services and tools for students’.

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