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Pulso’s team has the knowledge, the expertise and scientific background to help you with the most  suitable tools and statistical methods to measure and analyse your employees’ well-being (including engagement and stress, and the many impacting factors). With a survey project of Pulso, you can also count on professional guidance throughout the whole trajectory: from the preparation and organisation of the survey to the drawing up and implementation of action plans.

The Well-being and Organisational Dynamics tool (WOD®) is the perfect tool for your employee surveys: a recognised, scientifically proven questionnaire combined with a high-performance and visually attractive digital reporting dashboard. The WOD® maps psychosocial key indicators (engagement, organisational commitment, stress, burnout…), as well as work characteristics and personal resources associated with them.
The report containing the entirety of the results of the survey as well as reference points for actions is available immediately after the closure of the survey. In addition, an individual feedback report with tips and advices can be provided for each participant.
Following a survey, you know which topics to prioritise when making improvements, and you are fully aware of the strengths of your company in the eyes of your employees.
You can choose between different versions of the WOD®, depending on the needs of your company: Premium, PSRA, Positive, Quick Scan or Barometer.

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