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Coaching approach

Pulso offers several types of coaching trajectories for your employees, executives and teams.

Coaching is the best way to develop skills to a deep and long-term level. A professional coach provides guidance in the form of a work-related personal or team learning path. Coaching can be started as a stand-alone programme or embedded in ongoing training or consulting programmes.
In our coaching approach, we strongly focus on the level of 'beliefs'. After all, the way we think and look at the world and ourselves largely determines how we feel and behave. To achieve behavioural change, it is therefore often essential to work at the level of thoughts, perceptions and interpretations. In parallel, we also work on removing barriers and deploying sources of strength on the levels of behaviour and competences.
Coaching is appropriatie :
•    When goals or objectives are not or insufficiently achieved
•    When specific employees do not reach a basic level of skills
•    When a team is struggling with difficulties or internal struggles
•    When an employee’s well-being is at risk
•    When an employee will be confronted with changes in the future or when promotion is in sight
•    Or 'simply' because personal development should always be a point of attention

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