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When a conflict affects the whole team, it is important to work at team level.

During conflict coaching at team level, we invest in parallel in the knowledge, attitude and skills of everyone involved in the conflict. After all, developing an open and curious attitude, behaviour and language in individual employees, managers, teams and organisations is the best guarantee for real change in dealing with frustrations, irritations and the tensions that come with cooperation.
We stimulate an open climate within teams and organisations, where there is room for difference and discussion. If differences are allowed, no energy is lost in fighting for the same rights, forming cliques or mentally quitting and burying one's head in the sand. When people within organisations can deal constructively with difference, this ensures that conflicts do not explode, and relationships do not sour or run aground.
Here, too, an experienced mediator gets the conversation going, exposes the field of tension together with the team, focuses on creating understanding and connection and works with the team towards possible solutions.
It can concern mediation in teams, in executive committees or within family businesses.
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