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For more than 20 years, Pulso Europe has experience in handling labour conflicts, both at individual and team level.

Conflicts put the well-being and productivity of employees and teams under severe pressure. Conflicts generate both direct (absenteeism, exit ...) and indirect (demotivation, declining performance, negativism ...) costs. It is therefore important to detect and deal with them in time. Especially when the skills of internal actors such as the manager, confidant counsellor or others are insufficient to counteract the conflict, it is important to seek external help in a timely manner.
Our approach in mediation is based on a systemic view. This means that not only the people involved in the conflict are taken into account, but also the broader picture, such as job content, organisational culture, unclear policy, etc., with a view to finding a lasting solution.
Pulso’s combination of years of experience with work conflicts in a corporate context, and working with mediator psychologists with knowledge of systemic, behavioural therapeutic and solution-focused frameworks, guarantees a solid approach and results.

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