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An interactive training in a small group that actively works to improve how we deal with stress and stress-related complaints. Participants learn about what causes their stress, their stress signals, and the coping techniques that help them to manage stress. These techniques are drawn from the (3rd generation) cognitive behavioural therapy, the positive psychology and the solution-focused therapy, that are evidence-based. 
The focus is on concrete challenges from the participants' (professional) lives, offering practical tools and encouraging participants to change their behaviour in work and life. At the end of the training, participants return with an action plan to address strengths and areas for improvement. 
A training for all employees with mild stress-related complaints who want to actively learn to cope better.
Our app Re-Boost®, to detect stress-related signals, can be offered as a supplement.
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A large group course aimed at learning stress management skills in a scientific proven way.
The course is built on the principles of (3rd generation) cognitive behavioural therapy and positive psychology. Furthermore, the programme makes use of the psychoeducational method for large groups, so participants can enjoy the anonymity and safety of the group. The necessary knowledge is taught in an attractive way, thus bypassing the restrictions of limited interaction in large groups. Participants are offered various additional resources (exercises, videos, apps, reading list, etc.) to continue working on their coping mechanisms between sessions and afterwards.
The programme consists of 6 sessions with a fixed content:
•    Basic stress and resilience
•    Dealing with your body
•    Dealing with your thoughts (and feelings)
•    Dealing with your behaviour
•    Applying what has been learnt to work-related stress and sleep
•    Applying what has been learnt to depression, anxiety and addiction
Aimed at employees without stress or with mild stress complaints who want to arm themselves against (more) stress or more advanced symptoms.

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Every day, we experience small and big challenges that can bring us out of balance. To be better prepared for this, this interactive resilience-enhancing training is based on the positive angle of resilience and engagement. The training explains the concept of 'resilience' and how to strengthen it. It is often offered in combination with our online tool Happy Care
The following concepts are central: 
•    Live towards your goals
•    Invest in relationships
•    Think positively
•    Be aware of yourself
•    Live here and now
•    Take control of your life
•    Lead a healthy and active life 
Aimed at employees who want to actively work on strengthening their own resilience, in a confidential environment.

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Managers play a crucial role in, and are partly responsible for, the psychosocial well-being of their employees. In this training, they develop skills to promote the well-being of their employees and team. 
It focuses on prevention:  they learn the basic conditions for increasing team resilience overall (such as creating psychological safety, investing in autonomy, belongingness and competence). 
But it can also be used in case of challenges and difficulties regarding well-being. In that case, they learn to recognise signs of unwellness, to engage in dialogue, and to refer where necessary. 
Aimed at managers who want to learn how to enhance resilience within the team and with individual employees.

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