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Are you interested in joining the Pulso Group as a freelance counsellor for our digital platform APPA? If so, we are very interested in learning more about you!
Fill in the form below, and we will contact you soon to discuss possibilities.

If you have any questions regarding this form, do not hesitate to contact us at

Session type

Please specifiy the potential session types of counselling sessions and the related fee rate that is invoiced to Pulso Europe. We want to be transparent that this rate is one of the criteria that influences the search results of counsellor profiles when a client seeks for guidance through APPA.


Please select in the overview below your areas of expertise (for each main theme/domain the specific problems or challenges for which you’re qualified for counselling)

Psychological guidance / Coaching work
Psychological guidance / Coaching – Private

Please select in the overview below your obtained certificates/diploms in the categories ‘Basic education’ and ‘Training’ (long term training & workshops)

Long term therapy training
(minimum term: 10 training days)
(< 10 training days)

Below you can introduce yourself to potential clients who apply APPA to find suitable support for their help request. Describe what has not yet been mentioned in the above about the guidance you want to offer, such as more information about your experience, your approach or the methods you usually work with. You can also use this text field to share more practical information (e.g. parking possibilities nearby)